Warpath Universe

Discover a universe for the taking

The Warpath Universe

The history of the Warpath Universe is always expanding, driven by tales of epic battles, outlandish aliens and a human society with corruption as its heart – a universe where war is just another form of diplomacy.

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Veer-myn and Enforcers clash

Wage war across the galaxy

universe-combatThe galaxy is a dangerous place. From the brutal pitches of the DreadBall Leagues to the war torn Battlezones of the Frontier, everything is up for the taking. At the centre of the action is the human Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere. Within the GCPS, whole planets are sold, annexed or stripped to feed humanity’s vast greed. For those who are willing, wealth and glory are there for the taking. Those that don’t will bear the brunt of furious battles.

So what are you waiting for – the galaxy could be yours!

Discover a universe for the taking

Command your faction!

The rich fabric of the Warpath Universe is made up of the races and alien factions that stand against humanity. The Forge Fathers implacably fight for resources and wealth whilst the greenskin Marauders, trained by the Corporation forces, battle their former masters. The mysterious Asterians fight for their own shadowy agenda, whilst human rebels orchestrate an uprising against the GCPS.

Threats long ignored, the terrifying Plague or the insidious Veermyn, strike civilised worlds. Deadzones – enacted by mankind’s greatest soldiers, the ruthless Enforcers, quarantine these threats from the rest of humanity.

Discover these deadly factions in glorious detail and see the troops at their disposal by downloading corp central’s universal Dossiers. The databank will be updated with new races soon.